To make traveling with your family smoother and less stressful here are “Seven Helpful Tips for Caregivers Traveling with a Loved One Enrolled in Project Lifesaver.”

  1. If, for example, they are traveling to Orlando, FL and the caregiver wants to know if project lifesaver is in the area, they would inquire to PLI International and we can provide the agency information and place the caregiver in contact with them.
  2. The member agency would obtain the same information from the family as if enrolling a new client for the week.
  3. If traveling by airplane here are tips TSA has provided as the transmitter and battery will probably set the metal detector off and the client will have to go through the second screening.
  4. Have a letter signed letter from the Agency that installed the band
    confirming they placed the client in the program. It should be on
    departmental letterhead and it would not hurt if notarized. It should
    have a contact person with all info in case TSA wants to make contact.
  5. A letter from the client’s physician giving the background can
    always help.
  6. Bring literature about the program to educate security about how
    the program works.
  7. Let the security staff or police at the airport know your situation
    and possible situations that may occur. They may be able to help with TSA
    before going through security.

If you need more information or have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at 1-877-580-LIFE.