The Project Lifesaver/Lockheed Martin UAV Program has integrated a Project Lifesaver antenna and receiver onto the Lockheed Martin Indago professional, military grade UAV.


The state of the art Project Lifesaver Indago UAV will allow Project Lifesaver trained first responder agencies to dramatically reduce search times while significantly increasing the search area for special needs individuals who wander and have gone missing.

All agencies interested in Indago training and certification must first complete the Project Lifesaver Electronic Search Specialist (ESS) Basic Operators Ground course if they are not a Project Lifesaver member agency.

The Project Lifesaver/Lockheed Martin UAV Program includes:

  • The Indago quad rotor UAV with a Project Lifesaver receiver and antenna
  • Indago operator flight training, Indago UAV flight certification, and instruction for Indago routine maintenance for 3 operators (travel expenses not included)
  • Training will be conducted by Project Lifesaver certified, licensed rotary wing and UAV pilot
  • All training will be held in Dothan, Alabama (Dale County)
  • Information will be provided in helping you complete and apply for your 333 or Certificate of Authorization (COA) through the FAA

What is included with the PLI/LM Indago 2 system?

  • The PLI/LM Indago 2 UAV
  • The PLI Receiver and Antenna Payload
  • A Digital Hand Controller
  • VCP software
  • One battery and System Charger
  • Optional spare parts for additional cost

The Project Lifesaver/Lockheed Martin Indago UAV extends search areas from approximately one and a half miles at hover to over two miles above the tree line, offering an affordable alternative to manned aviation assets. There are also a number of payload options available for purchase that will allow you to use Indago for other public safety uses. These payloads are all hot swappable and offer quick real time changes. Indago can be used by any Project Lifesaver trained and certified first responder agency.


  • Re-certification is not required for the Project Lifesaver/Lockheed Martin Indago
  • FAA certification must be received prior to flying within your agency territory
  • Project Lifesaver Indago trained and certified operators must fly within the FAA guidelines
  • The Project Lifesaver/Lockheed Martin Indago UAV is available to Project Lifesaver member agencies at a special price.

For more information, questions on pricing, training,  please contact our Special Projects Division at Project Lifesaver Headquarters by phone 772-446-1275.